" SMI Datepicker "
Web Design/Development

This project is in progress..

Mediums used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Smarty Template
Collaboration with: Softmedia Interactive

As part of my main internship project I was summoned to come up with a website that would give customers the ability to easily plan dates with employees for meetings, invite customers for a conversation, or simply an invitation for a nice drink. It works like an online agenda that can sync to your personal agendas (Google Dates for instance) but made as easy as possible for companies to use, and for customers to be part of. 

This project will be a seperate module that can be connected to the CMS system of a customer's (of SMI) website if they would like so. They can manage the application themselves; they can add employees to their addressbook, and change the layout of the website all together. The power of it being a seperate module is that on Softmedia's own server it will run the library on one spot, but the looks and feels of the Datepicker can be changed anywhere to any extend. Pushing updates is also a very easy thing to do, because you only have to do it once. This required a very complex setup of "both halves" of the Datepicker application and has taken quite a lot of research to begin with.

This project is a work in progress and can not be demonstrated online!