" Map Generation "

This project is in progress..

Mediums used: HTML, CSS, jQuery

This is a Gamedev related experiment!

In this experiment I wanted to test out how far I can bring jQuery to simply roll out a type of terrain based on algorithms. This idea came from a game that I want to make based on games such as SimCity, Civilisation and Game of Life. 

The idea is that the code will roll out a map of several by several smaller sections as an array, but displayed as a grid (as demonstrated). Based on what is happening inside the array, the graphic is changed in that certain cell. In this case it will first try to calculate what percentage of the map should be water (this has boundaries, but can be set pre-game start). It then tries to fill in a random and "natural" as possible patch of water according to a few layers of probability. The little islands are an example of a next step after the creation of the ocean, and works the same way but as a very tiny percentage chance that they will appear. 

I have chosen to use jQuery for this simply because I haven't dived too deeply into Canvas for HTML5 and I needed to sketch this idea out as quickly as possible (before it was lost in the moment).