" Patronen Splash Site & Arts "
Web Design/Development

This is a finished project.

Mediums used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Processing

PATRONEN is a project by a Germany based hobby musician who decided to remain anonymous to most of the world, apart from his moniker "PATRONEN" itself. He made music as a means of recreation somewhere around 1993-94 and recorded them onto really gritty and malfunctioning cassette recorders because he didn't have anything else laying around. The music therefor sounds very dated and broken almost to a point where it starts adding to the compositions more than it's being annoying. Really interesting!

He came into contact with me via my friend Phillip Washinton who randomly got Patronen's music in the post one day. Patronen claims he didn't really search for anyone but looked for something that appealed to him and went with it. His initial question, or Phillip's rather, was to create some simple arts for it that would fit the sound of the music. Anything would do according to him. His music immediately pointed me towards algorithmic art because the sound itself was so incredibly organic. The arts would be used simply as a variety of images that vaguely explain the individual albums/releases and would appear as such on bandcamp. I went ahead and created arts for the last two releases as well, eventhough they haven't yet been released (but are in my posession). 

Unused Splash Website: http://cornefolio.com/EXPBIN/PTRNN/

Arts bin: http://imgur.com/a/kjoFq ( IMGUR )

The music: http://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/