" PON Toolkit "
Web Design/Development

This is a finished project.

Mediums used: PHP, HTML, CSS, Smarty Template System
In collaboration: Softmedia Interactive
Commissioned by: PON Burgerparticipatie Netwerk

PON Toolkit is the archive of documents, results and projects the PON civil participation network has gathered over the years. The website itself was made as a first project during my internship at Softmedia Interactive. This was a highly educational project due to the main feature of the website being the project-filter.

The project-filter posed many problems at the start, for it's initial purposes didn't exactly meet up to the customer's satisfaction and had to be re-thought and re-worked to do so. I have worked on it in a small team formation, with myself doing all the design and frontend development necessary and a part of the filter's technological side. 

http://toolkitburgerparticipatie.hetpon.nl/ ( DUTCH )