" Getrudis 3D "
Game Design/Development

This project is in progress..

Mediums used: Jquery, webGl (Three.js), HTML, CSS

This was a college project for a class called 'Creative Programming' which focussed on programming in creative environments and languages such as jQuery, HTML5 and Canvas. As an extention (and extra marks) you could also veer into the territory of the likes of WebGL and Node JS. In my case, I used WebGL, because it seemed the most appealing to me to dive into.


Getrudis 3D is a loose follow-up on my jQuery game "Getrudis", which was mainly based on a text-adventure roguelike style of gameplay while this is a first-person maze type game. The premise is basically the same but more simple;
While you are avoiding the monsters in the randomly generated maze you must seek several chests of which only one contains a key needed to open the main door. The positions of these chests and which chest has the key is random. Do this within the time limit and try to conquer the darkness..

This game is still heavily in process but I personally think it's so far a good foundation for a fun expandable game. I will therefor develop this game further and optimize it.