" Getrudis "
Game Design/Development

This is a finished project.

Mediums used: jQuery

Getrudis is a text adventure dungeon crawler game which puts the player inside a hostile and randomized dungeon. It is made entirely in jQuery so it can be played within your browser and mobile devices. You battle through randomized events in several different levels of difficulty. Even if the game is luck based and quite unforgiving at times, it's dark humor and tons of rare hidden enemies, treasures and events that happen now and then will keep you coming back for a lunch break spot of dungeon crawling. 

I made this as a solo project for release under Studio Anjin, which is a small indie game development group consistent of people from all around the world. This is also the very first game I've ever done in my life, which was quite an experience. It's currently very playable though there will be more and more content added to it secretly while the game has been officially released. Good luck trying to find the extra difficulty level !

Play it here: